*** 2020 TUne conference in April HAS BEEN CANCELED ***

Benefits of being a member:


We would like to invite you to consider joining the TUNe group.  This is an association of Telescan Equipment users that are quite similar to you.  Perhaps not in all aspects, but there are similarities in operational issues, staffing, equipment and general best business practices and our members are willing to share and always willing to learn.


  • The TUNehub list serve.  The list serve has been found to be invaluable to many Telescan Users.  TUNe members are able to gleam ideas that benefit their own TAS’s bottom line, giving them a huge return on investment in their membership.
  • The opportunity to take Technical Training and receive a discount on your Annual Maintenance Fees from Telescan.
  • As a TUNe member, you are able to attend the Annual meeting held in the spring.  This is truly invaluable as an opportunity to exchange ideas and compare notes with fellow Telescan Users with the common goal of making our businesses more successful.
  • A voice to represent you if you feel you are not “communicating” to your satisfaction with Telescan.  TUNe will assist you.  Just ask.  We have a board member assigned to act as TUNe-Telescan liaison.
  • Wish List:  We have an influence on the direction of the new upgrades to our system. We are able as a group to act as a guiding light for research & development.
  • TUNe website for easy of ordering products and information about upcoming events.  
  • Agent Training CD.  TUNe has the Agent training CD for sale to members.  This is a tremendous money saver/labor saver for training new agents.
  • Bulk Purchasing:  Custom Keyboard Stickers and new covers for the old discontinued TUNe keyboards.
  • ATSI representation.  TUNe has a representative appointed to the ATSI board giving you, a Telescan User, a voice in ATSI.  Recently your ATSI rep has done a tremendous amount of work on the proposed “DID #s tax” and HIPAA and HIPAA HITECH.     


Membership DownloadS:

Regular membership application (docx)


Associate members application (Requires board approval) (docx)


CURRENT TUNe By-Laws (pdf)